B&F Attraction Community

Olga Yermolkevich - AMKA Sp. z o.o. Import and Logistics Manager

1. How important is to you to come back to do business in presence, face-to-face, live at the trade fair?
Exhibitions are one of the most powerful and relevant platforms for different types of businesses. It gives a chance for professionals of similar sectors to meet together, share opinions, information, contacts, build and enhance communication with business partners, examine and see/taste new products. The year of 2020 has shown how much face-to-face business communication is important at exhibitions. Face-to face relations are a key to long-term partnership and hands-on approach with a prospective business partner. A physical presence at the event can connect buyer and supplier as well as client and business together on a different level: new market trends, other people’s experience and stories, new innovations, ideas, products…Such time and information are indispensable. 

2. What is the reason that drives you to participate in Beer & Food Attraction/BBTech expo?
Such an exhibition as Beer and Food Attraction gives as opportunity for checking, investigating, evaluating different types of goods: similar to products you already have in the portfolio of your company as well as completely new ones. After examining and discussing each presented product, a Buyer can narrow down choices before buying and understand which product may open new opportunities for his market and increase sales for his company. As experience shows, Beer and Food Attraction provides Buyers as well as Suppliers with various possibilities of establishing fruitful contacts and boost business growth. 

3. How important is "Made in Italy" and the Italian lifestyle for your business?
The word combination “Made in Italy” expresses knowledge in various industries, great attention to details, deep expertise, technological progress. As a result, “Made in Italy” label grants products of perfect quality which later guarantees prosperity and success in sales in the markets and makes Italy one of the biggest exporters in the world. The amount of goods imported from Italy by our company is counted to be around 70-75% (wine, beer and beverages) for both the trade channels – Off-Trade and HoReCa. Such a high percentage proves and highlights the importance, high rotation and popularity of Italian goods in the Polish market.