B&F Attraction Community

Dario Lispi - Chief Executive Officer Good in Food

1. How important is it to return to doing business in person at the show?
While previously shows were an important tool for company growth, today they are fundamental. It’s true that many people can be reached via the online market, but it is also true that to do this, you need to commit to making a significant and above all uninterrupted investment, if you want to achieve “acceptable” results. Attending trade shows today is essential: it is an environment in which we can reach all the customers that we have not been able to reach online for various pandemic-related reasons. Human interaction strengthens business relationships and allows us to convey all the information required to sell the product and achieve better results. Returning to Beer&Food Attraction gives us a chance to rewrite the company’s future according to the new rules, and to be not only in line with change but also to be promoters of this change. Many companies like ours have undergone a radical transformation, particularly in their customer base: in many sectors, the pandemic has triggered a “reset” whereby many businesses have been transformed, closed or been created, especially in the catering sector, our area of expertise. We have learned to diversify and therefore find new ideas and developments that will protect us in the event of downtime.

2. What prompted you to attend Beer&Food Attraction | BBTech expo?
As a seller of “exclusive” food and beverage products, we know that tasting is fundamental to conquering new customers.
In just a few days, Beer&Food Attraction gives us the opportunity to get our products known and tested by a much wider public, thereby cutting costs and saving time. In addition, we can make ourselves known to all those customers who, for various reasons, we have not been able to reach through other channels.

3. The Out-of-Home market has changed, and February is an opportunity to ptresent your news to the market. How important is the Beer&Food Attraction showcase for meeting professionals and continuing to do business?
We often talk about change, but in reality it is only a shortening in transformation time: what we are experiencing now, we would have experienced within the next decade, only more gradually. You only have to look back to understand the change on the market over the last 20 years, which was heading in the direction we have embarked on today. Trade shows should be the first tool to make the OOH sector more efficient, as it can fully express itself at such events, creating a truly interactive showcase!
At this interactive showcase, we can not only meet customers but also interact with all their senses and thus work on emotional aspects: other tools, however useful, are not able to yield the same results.