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Davide Grossi - Country Director Krombacher Italia srl

1. How important is it to return to doing business in person at the show?
It’s fundamental. The Out-of-Home channel thrives on relationships and interactions between the whole supply chain, industry, distributors and on-trade premises. Being able to meet and exchange ideas at a trade show is an essential part of maintaining relationships, building new ones and being involved in all the changes that have taken place in the last few months.

2. What prompted you to attend Beer&Food Attraction | BBTech expo?
Krombacher set up its new Italian legal entity at the beginning of 2021, as it wanted a significant local presence with the specific aim of developing our market. By attending the show, we want to demonstrate to all operators our desire to invest in Italy, in a concrete and tangible manner, and the positioning and role that Germany's best-selling beer wants to play in our market.

3. The Out-of-Home market has changed, and February is an opportunity to present your news to the market. How important is the Beer&Food Attraction showcase for meeting professionals and continuing to do business?
Innovation is one of the key growth pillars for a company like Krombacher. As is the strong focus we have on point-of-sale activation. The show is the best opportunity to activate both of these levers in an extremely efficient way: to share all our news with our partners, both distributors and on-trade premises, to meet new ones, and communicating our strengths directly.