B&F Attraction Community

Luca Galuppo- Direttore Marketing di Nonno Nanni

1. How important is it to return to doing business in person at the show?
The opportunity to return to doing business in person at the show for us represents a fundamental moment in re-establishing contact with buyers and more generally the Horeca world. Our attendance also represents a great opportunity to discuss changes and innovations in the world of food, a sector that is undergoing increasingly rapid change.

2. What prompted you to attend Beer&Food Attraction | BBTech expo?
After more than a year's stop due to the pandemic, our attendance at Beer&Food Attraction represents a new start for us and marks our return to trade shows. This event will not only enable us to present our latest product developments more directly and allow people to taste them, but will also give us a chance to get more stimuli and ideas for our future work.

3. The Out-of-Home market has changed, and February is an opportunity to present your news to the market. How important is the Beer&Food Attraction showcase for meeting professionals and continuing to do business?
For Nonno Nanni, Beer&Food Attraction will be a very important occasion, a meeting with sector professionals that will enable us to explore the new consumption patterns and styles that emerged during the period of the pandemic and are reflected in the current one. It will be the perfect opportunity to capitalise on the opportunities offered by the changes in the OOH sector and draw together all the stimuli that come from these experiences.