Maria Dimova (International Buyer)
"The most important thing in Beer Attraction is to make contacts. What impressed me the most is the kindness of the people and the way they talk about their passion: the beer. Beer&Food Attraction is useful for any type of company, so this is an opportunity that mustn’t be missed. I will recommend it."

Jordan DeFrank (International Buyer)
Purchasing Manager SHELTON BROTHERS
"I’ve been most impressed with the variety, specifically with some of the wine and beer hybrids, different methods of using winemaking to incorporate beer, beer-wine hybrids. I think that Beer&Food Attraction is an efficient platform because you can make so many connections so quickly and in such a short timeframe. You can interact with so many producers and all in one place, so it’s very effective."

Rafael Gomez Gaona (International Buyer)
Installer Technician MAHO/SAN MIGUEL
"Beer&Food Attraction is really useful because you can meet with the company directly and you can share opinions.There are a lot of different companies for different phases of the process and there are a lot of beer producers."

Vesa Peltola (International Buyer)
Manager/Responsible NOKIAN PANIMO OY
I did not expect Italy to have these many manufacturers of brewing technologies or  that  I could meet them all here. I was impressed by the quality of the breweries  and  beers  exhibiting. You always find excellent beers paired with delicious food here."

Luca Giardello
Amministratore Delegato WARSTEINER
"Beer&Food Attraction è oggi il panorama più  importante  nel  mondo  birraio  e  siamo  felici  di  essere  presenti. L’abbinamento di cibo e  birra  rappresenta un trend importante nel settore Ho.Re.Ca."

Lorenzo Bossi
Brand Manager QBA
Beer&Food  Attraction ci offre visibilità  e  ci  consente di ottenere contatti sia con operatori professionali italiani che con diversi buyer esteri."