Beer Attraction becomes Craft Beer Lab, and the job’s done.

The Craft Beer Lab will be an amazing opportunity for all to explore, train, experiment and learn directly from top professionals in the field. And this year we will go even further and let this new scenario bring new exciting opportunities!

Beer Attraction 2019 will launch the CRAFT BEER LAB, where the culture of craft beer grows and leads the way.

The Craft Beer Lab will offer a full programme of courses and workshops focusing entirely on tasting and exploring the world of craft beer on the stage of the Beer Arena.

Daily beer tasting and tapping workshops will be a can’t miss opportunity for you to learn directly from an all-star team of professionals, who will be sharing their passion and skills and teaching how to best taste and serve craft beers.

This exclusive area entirely dedicated to exploring all the nuances of the world of craft beers is provided by Italian Exhibition Group.

Pick and buy the course that best suits your goals and make the best of your Beer Attraction experience!


In partnership with Unionbirrai