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When you think about Rimini and mixology, Beer&Food Attraction is inevitably the first thing that springs to mind.

The second edition of Mixology Lab is all about the combination of beauty and imperfection: flavours and tastes which complement and complete each other.

It’s a comprehensive event with something for everyone: from bartenders to chefs and even management personnel looking for the latest trend to incorporate at their bar.

The event strikes the perfect balance between experimentation, mixology and some truly gourmet combinations.

The art of mixology is becoming one of the best ways of enhancing the experience of eating out.

Innovative drinks, sophisticated techniques, ingredients usually found in the world of cooking and a healthy dose of experimentation help to create the perfect mix of dish and drink.

Mixology Lab is a must-see event for all lovers of quality drinks and a chance for industry professionals to try new flavours, see mixologists at work and discover new ingredients and pairings from which to draw inspiration for new recipes.

Events, master classes, talks, tastings, experimental drinks lists and food pairing await you in Rimini from 15 to 18 February.