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18 FEBRUARY  |  11:00 - 15:00 BBTech Lab - Hall C1

Event speakers

Alberto Manzo
Agriculture Ministry Official
Katya Carbone
Researcher at CREA - Council for agricultural research and analysis of the agricultural economy
Tommaso Ganino
Associate Professor at University of Parma
Giuseppe Perretti
Associate Professor at University of Perugia
Stefano Buiatti
Professor at University of Udine
Michele Cason
President of AssoBirra
Dario Cherubini
President of Associazione Nazionale Luppoli d'Italia
Simone Monetti
Unionbirrai General Secretary
Domenico Bosco
National Responsible of Coldiretti
Francesco Neri
President of ANGA, Confagricoltura Grosseto
Ivan Nardone
Manager of CIA Economic Department
Giovanni Bernardini
Regional President of COPAGRI Marche and President of Confidicoop Marche