Christina Veira - Event Specialist

Event Specialist

Christina Veira was honored to be selected as one of WSET and IWSC/’s Future 50 in 2020 as well as  one of Imbibe Magazine’s 2019 Imbibe 75. She keeps busy as the Director of Programming for Toronto Cocktail Week,  Bar/Beverage curator for Restaurants Canada Show,  a national co-ordinator for Speed Rack Canada and a spirits educator for WSET. She has occupied every front-of-house position (and a couple in the kitchen) while pursuing certifications in wine and beer and even winning a cocktail competition here or there. Her focus is on event execution, industry education and using the hospitality industry as a catalyst for community engagement and fundraising. Eventually, she aims to establish her side project “Side Duties” as a registered Canadian non-profit with the goal of linking the hospitality industry with local charities and initiatives that are mutually beneficial. 

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