1. Beer&Food Attraction is open to trade members four days. Saturday 15th the exhibition is open also to beer lovers and connoisseurs.


  1. Each token has a value of 2 Euros VAT included and gives the right to a 10cl beer sample, served in the glass provided by Italian Exhibition Group.


  1. Breweries can decide to sell a single type of beer at a price of 1, 2 or 3 tokens. This decision is justified by a higher cost of production  and by a characteristic of rarity. Beer prices must be appropriately indicated on stands.


  1. Breweries receive 50% of the takings from token sales (1 Euro including VAT per token).


  1. Direct sale of bottles on stands is permitted, subject to the issue of an appropriate receipt or cash register slip, and total takings from these sales go to the breweries. However, it is forbidden to open the bottles purchased and drink their contents in the expo halls.


  1. All breweries are required to go every day to the on-site cash desks to count tokens, return them and collect the receipt. Saturday 15th, Sunday 16th and Monday 17th February the desks open from 5.30 pm and Tuesday 18th they open from 4 pm. Following the exhibition the breweries will receive a communication with the order number to be indicated in the invoice. The payment will be received within 60 days after receiving the regular invoice (including IBAN).
  2. The token system, while remaining valid and working for all four days, it is designed for the use of the final public (Saturday). Breweries are free to ask professional visitors for tokens for tasting samples or not.


  1. Each exhibitor has at its disposal digital invitations for its clients, included in the registration fee, that are dedicated to 1 free admission (during the 4 days of exhibition) of trade members. If exhibitors need the client printed invitation to invite trade clients, they will buy them directly from the restricted area. .


  1. It is possible to distribute food for tasting purposes only  and for demonstration purposes. The direct sale of foodstuffs is forbidden.