Beer&Food Attraction
15th-18th February 2020 - Rimini Expo Centre, ITALY

Beer&Food  Attraction  is  the  only  event  of  its  kind  featuring  the  most  comprehensive  offer  of beers, drinks, food and trends for the Out Of Home globally, in a single show.

When it comes to out of home eating and drinking, you’ll always find beer at the center of innovation. Beer is a creative force that brings along new consumption styles and trends all the time. You can pair it with the most unusual of dishes and drinks and it’ll always know how to taste outstanding. And for great socializing, just add beer. >> Continue

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State Craft Brewery Growth Trends

Brewers Association - The new 2018 state-by-state craft brewer statistics have been published on the website. I wanted to briefly outline what these numbers reflect and highlight a few trends I saw as I was compiling the data.


Craft beer jobs grow while big beer stalls, new study finds

The Seattle Times - A study released in May shows the number of brewing jobs across the U.S. has increased 8% since 2016, with nearly all of that growth coming from craft outfits as large brewery employment remained stagnant.


Italy: From All Over the World for Beer Attraction

CISION - The international appointment with speciality beers, craft beer and food for the HORECA channel brings together the elite of world connoisseurs.

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