TEO - The Eating Out Hub è la piattaforma digitale che riunisce in un unico luogo tutte le manifestazioni della divisione food&beverage organizzate da Italian Exhibition Group e ha lo scopo di offrire contenuti specifici in un arco temporale molto più lungo.

TEO - The Eating Out Hub is the digital platform that brings together in one place all the events in the food&beverage value chain organised by Italian Exhibition Group, with the aim of providing virtual content throughout the year.

TEO contains the digital extension:

  • Beer&Food Attraction - The Eating Out Experience Show
  • BBTech expo - The Beer & Beverage Technologies Show
  • SIGEP - The Dolce World Expo

TEO - The Eating Out Hub is intended to engage exhibitors in a new hybrid form of event that does not end with the trade show, but continues throughout the year, multiplying networking and matchmaking opportunities.

By using the platform, you will be able to boost your contacts and business opportunities with buyers and visitors.

Take these simple steps to start using TEO:

complete your showcase page with all the necessary information (social media profiles, multimedia content like photos and video);
► update the product catalogue, without omitting your new ones;
► include your co-workers in the team
upload the events you will organise during the show and build your diary.

The digital platform TEO - The Eating Out Hub, is enriched with new interesting features: one of these is the section "Jobs", within which each user can enter job applications and job offers.

If you are looking for staff for your company, you can publish your own ad. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Enter the reserved area, open the drop-down menu "The Eating Out Hub" and select "Your digital showcase".
  2. Once you enter the platform, click on the "Jobs" button.
  3. In the menu on the left click again on "Jobs": now you are ready to publish your ad. Remember that your name and surname appear in the exhibitor profile, so we recommend that you always mention the name of your company and enter an email address to which candidates can send their CV. In the post you can also attach photos and add the link to the open job position.

How to improve your presence on TEO - The Eating Out Hub

Below you will find some useful information to help you take your first steps in the app.

Profile creation


Access to Reserved Area my.beerandfoodattraction.it andusing username and password you received (suggested browser: Google Chrome).

Once logged in, to the letf below you can find the section TEO - The Eating Out Hub. 

Click on it and go to the sub section 2/3 your digital profile 

Her you can modify/ insert:

  • COMPANY PROFILE (Important! Check you Company name is actually you want it to be)
  • BRANDS (if any)

Access to Reserved Area my.beerandfoodattraction.it using username and password you received (suggested browser: Google Chrome). Once logged in, to the letf below you can find the section TEO - The Eating Out Hub.

Click on it and go to the sub section 3/3 your digital showcase. This way you will access to the digital platform, click the pen, in order enter in the Company profile.

Then click again on Company profile. The logo section is in the middle, click on edit and upload it.

Access the reserved area my.beerandfoodattraction.it using the username and password oyou received (suggested browser: Google Chrome). Once logged in, to the letf below you can find the section TEO - The Eating Out Hub.

This will take you to the actual showcase: click on the pencil to enter the company profile and go to Products. Click on the "Add" button and fill in the required information with:

  • NAME

Lead Scanner Features

How to scan a Business Card

  1. Download the App
  2. Click the Scan icon on the lower right corner of the event home screen.
  3. In the second tab, Card, you will have the option to scan business cards.
  4. The app will take a picture of the business card that will be saved as a contact, and you will be prompted to a prefilled contact form. You will have the opportunity to check the contact information collected and add relevant information, such as the lead score or notes to remember details of that first interaction with the attendee.
  5. If the user is not part of the list of Attendees, the app will create a contact profile (only visible to the person/booth who scanned the card) based on the information on the business card.

Lead Retrieval also works offline: when you deactivate the wifi or 4G/5G. At the end of the day, the saved QR codes will automatically sync once you are back online, but sometimes it's not automatic.
If this happens to you, you will have to go to the icon located at the left-bottom of My Profile > My Contacts and you'll have an icon at the top with a crossed wifi and a number. Click the icon and it will force the sync. All the leads will then appear in the Exhibitor Centre.

The Lead Scanner feature is available only for company users who are registered as team members. Each company has a limited number of team members within their profile, if you do not see the camera icon in the app you may not have been registered as a team member.

E.g. ACME company has purchased a basic profile and, as per package, it is entitled to register only one user as a team member. Other devices, having logged in as standard users, will not see the icon inside the app and they won't even be able to scan tickets.