B&F Attraction

Investing in innovation: Beer&Food Attraction also dedicates an exhibition area to innovation, a real district in which to ensure visibility to all those companies that constantly invest in Research & Development, contributing to the progress and continuous improvement of the Food & Beverage sector.

This area is the Innovation District, set up under the dome of the South Hall, ready to become the beating heart of innovation and a starting point for professional comparisons and revolutionary projects.

Respecting its Hub nature and the presence of the Beer&Tech Arena, for years the stage of new market trends, this area of the event will present to partners and visitors the most advanced solutions in the world of Foodservice.

All exhibiting companies will be able to get involved and participate in a real competition, the Beer&Food Attraction Innovation Award that will award, after a selection of the Evaluation Committee, the 5 most innovative projects present at the fair in the following categories:

  • Innovative product: products and/or services that introduce innovative concepts or ideas into the food, beverage or related technologies;
  • Sustainability: products and/or services that reduce the environmental impact during production, use or disposal;
  • Digital Innovation: products and/or services using cutting-edge digital technologies that improve operational efficiency, consumer experience or create new business models;
  • Labeling: a quality drink deserves a label of quality, sustainable and that conveys a message "from the first glance".
  • Packaging: creative, sustainable and efficient packaging solutions that improve product conservation, reduce waste, or provide a more practical and environmentally friendly consumer experience.



Beer&Food Attraction, in order to grow the physical and digital presence of innovative projects, consolidates its role as an incubator by reconfirming the Start-up and Innovation Area, with the aim of creating new business opportunities and encouraging dialogue between the world of business and young businesses.
A physical and virtual exhibition area, created in collaboration with ANGI - National Association of Young Innovators, entirely reserved for innovative start-ups and young Italian companies that offer technologies, services and solutions in the Out of Home sector.