B&F Attraction Community

Federico Masella- Head of Marketing Italy- Menù Srl

1-How importantn is it to return to doing business in person at the show?
Very important. The food service world thrives on relationships and continuous dialogue. Digital media have undoubtedly made it easier for us to stay in close contact with the market and our customers during the pandemic, but seeing them in person has a different flavour, even in the narrow sense of the word. For us, returning to the show in person means giving people the chance to taste our specialities.

2. What prompted you to attend Beer&Food Attraction | BBTech expo?
The show particularly targets out-of-home consumption by young people and rapidly developing channels such as fast food and formats linked to the trend towards deconstructing meals. These are the reasons Menù decided to attend, in addition to an increasingly specialised offer in this regard.

3. The Out-of-Home market has changed, and February is an opportunity to present your news to the market. How important is the Beer&Food Attraction showcase for meeting professionals and continuing to do business?
The first few months of the year are really important for us, because major trade shows like B&F Attraction give us the opportunity to present our new products for 2022 and to lay the groundwork for the season. Visitors will have the opportunity to see and taste food specialities made using unique technologies and products that will revolutionise the concept of cooking.