The section dedicated to all kinds of beverages, covering mineral waters, fruit juices, energy drinks, spirits, distillates, traditional liqueurs, colonial beverages and hot drinks. A unique opportunity to present new products, launch trends or formats in premises, and make contact with drink wholesalers, who have always chosen Rimini as a favourite place to meet.


An ancient yet still emerging art. Master distillers showcase innovation and tradition in gin, whisky, grappa, rum, beer distillates and much more. Craft distilling will be exhibited in pavilion C3.

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  • Water
  • Fruit juices
  • Soft drinks
  • Wine and other alcoholic drinks


RED BULL - Danilo Rizzo, National Key Account Manager

“B&FA is a chance to both meet with consumers and trade visitors in the sector and explore new consumption opportunities, a perfect combination for our business.”

FABBRI 1905 - Nicola Fabbri, Marketing Division

“B&FA is the Italian event that focuses on the experience of out of home eating and drinking. We consider it the ideal stage on which to talk about our products.”