The Beer of the Year Award 2023 is going to be a record-breaking edition. This is a contest organized by Unionbirrai that awards the best craft beers and crowns the best Italian craft brewery of the year.

80 expert tasters, coming from abroad and from all parts of Italy, are gathering around the tables for the blind tasting that will decide which beers are going to get on the podium of the 2023 edition among the 2227 craft beers registered in the 45 different categories produced by 305 brewers.

The Beer&Tech Arena will host the international jury of the XVIII edition of the Beer of the Year Award, the longest-running and most awaited contest in Italy, on Sunday, 19th February 2023 at 2:00pm. As always, there will be 3 prizes for each category, plus the announcement of the Brewery of the Year, an award that will go to the brewer who obtains the highest score for his beers with the best three placements in different categories.

For the XVIII edition, the winners can take part in the "BdA on tour" project, a series of events that brings the winning beers inside pubs in Italy, with the desire to promote and enhance Italian craft beers. All the information about the contest is available on the website.