In the FIC Arena (Hall A3), simultaneously with the Italian Cuisine Championships, organized by the Italian Chefs Federation, the European Final of the Global Chefs Challenge will take place from 19th to 22nd of February.

21 countries coming from northern, central and southern Europe are taking part in this competition.

The Teams that pass the selection will access the world final in Singapore in 2024.

These are participating countries, divided by geographical area and category:

NORTHERN EUROPE / SENIOR, Azerbaijani, Estonia, Latvia, Wales;
PASTRY, Azerbaijani, Wales;
VEGAN CUISINE, Azerbiaijani, Latvia;
JUNIOR, Azerbaijani, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Wales

CENTRAL EUROPE / SENIOR, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia;
PASTRY, Belgium, Czech Republic, Romania;
VEGAN CUISINE, Belgium, Luxembourg, Romania;
JUNIOR, Belgium, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Germany.

SOUTHERN EUROPE / SENIOR, Croatia, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Serbia, Slovenia;
PASTRY, Croatia, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia;
VEGAN CUISINE, Serbia, Portugal;
JUNIOR, Croatia, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Serbia.