Pizza Senza Frontiere - World Pizza Champion Games will make another stop in Rimini, from 18 to 20 February 2024, during Beer&Food Attraction, thanks to the collaboration with Ristorazione Italiana Magazine, organizer of the championship.

After the great success of the 2023 edition, the 2024 edition promises to be even bigger: the space dedicated to the event will be greatly expanded, with 14 competition stations, compared to the 10 of last year.

19 different competitions...

On-peel pizza, classic pizza cooked with electric and wood burning oven, contemporary neapolitan pizza, traditional neapolitan pizza, homemade pizza

Pan pizza, gluten free pizza, contemporary neapolitan pizza, pizza at 4 hands, classic pizza cooked with electric and wood burning oven, pizza and beer, round pizza made with rolling pin, surprise pizza - mistery box, on-peel pizza, longer pizza, wider pizza, freestyle single, freestyle in couple

Pizza and cocktail, pan pizza, pizza dessert, pizza at 4 hands, classic pizza cooked with electric and wood burning oven, pizza and beer, traditional neapolitan pizza, fried pizza, pizza by the meter

...and 17 World Champions

who will be on the podium

3 special prizes

pink pizza, emerging pizzachef, king of roman pizzas

and moreover...

the winners of the baking categories provided, will access by right to the 9th edition of Master Pizza Champion, the first and only TV talent on pizza reserved for professional pizza makers!

The presence of international Brand Ambassadors will make the event even more unique, enriching it with their experience and authority in the world of the art of pizza.

There will be moments dedicated to the exchange of knowledge between the competitors and all the professional participants.