Aleksander Federsel
Sales Manager - BRILL&CO AB
"At Beer&Food Attraction you can try a number of different products, discover trends, meet new people and do business with them in the future, develop and discuss strategic plans. I definitely recommend checking this show."
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Maria Dimova
Owner/Managing Director - 1001 BEERS LTD
"The most important thing about the event is creating contacts. What struck me most is the way exhibitors talk about beer as their greatest passion. The event is very helpful for any type of company and an opportunity definitely not to be missed."
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Jordan DeFrank
"Beer&Food Attraction is an effective platform because you can make lots of contacts in a very short space of time. You can also interact with many different producers and do lots of networking.”
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Arni Hafstad
“Beer&Food Attraction is a great event. I was really struck to see that people have such a deep connection with it all and to see how proud they are of what they do and how they represent it. It’s interesting to see how many different beers there are, but there are so many that it’s impossible to try them all”
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Kristian Markii
“I've come to Beer&Food Attraction to learn about trends in Italian beer and see how they’ve developed over the years. I'm really surprised by the number of craft breweries there were. There is a great diversity of style and character among the beers. The Italian pale grape beers have been an amazing discovery for me. They are absolutely unique. I’d never come across that style of beer before in any other country.”
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Adam Dulye
"It’s nice to see the Italian independent craft brewers gather at Beer&Food Attraction, also with visitors from all continents who come here to explore the latest novelties in the food & beverage sector, with beers from all over the world."
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Luca Giardello
Managing Director - WARSTEINER
"Beer&Food Attraction is today the most important trade fair in the world of brewery and we are very happy to be part of it. the combination of food and beers represents a significant trend in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector."
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Alessandro Zanghi
General Manager - PAULANER
"We are very pleased with how Beer&Food Attraction went. We saw a good flow of wholesalers, but also end customers and we will definitely continue along this path again next year. The trade visitors were of great interest.”
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Lorenzo Bossi
Brand Manager - QBA
"Beer&Food Attraction gives us excellent exposure and access to Italian professional operatives and a number of international buyers."
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Andrea Bagli
Brewery Manager - AMARCORD
"Beer&Food Attraction has the significant role of taking a high-res snapshot of the Out Of home market."
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Sandro Vecchiato
"We had lots of visits at Beer&Food Attraction - it exceeded our expectations."
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Alessio Franzoso
Art Director - BIRRA BALADIN
“Birra Baladin has always had a presence at Beer&Food Attraction. This event is really important to us. We invest in it because we believe that it raises the bar in the market. Our results get better and better every year. It’s a really important event for the Italian market and also for the foreign market, because we’re able to meet with existing clients and build contacts with new ones.”
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Walter Pasqualini
“Beer&Food Attraction plays a hugely important role for my company, because it’s a chance for me to meet all of my clients from all over Italy. My partners in Belgium are also meeting with several foreign buyers.”
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Anthony Pravato
Founder and Brewer - CR/AK
"We were able to meet international buyers at Beer&Food Attraction. They tried our products and we uncovered some distribution opportunities.”
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Francesco Mancini
"Over the last few years Beer&Food Attraction has got a lot bigger. There are more breweries and definitely more visitors. This year, we were able to meet with lots of clients and find some new ones too. We met lots of Italian clients, as well as many international buyers.”
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Stefano Mutinelli
"Beer&Food Attraction is new for us - this is the first time we’ve taken part. There was a real sense of professionalism among the public and I think that it’s an event that could be a good launchpad for us in terms of the Italian market. Beer&Food Attraction is a platform where we can come together and share experiences and values associated with the going-out market."
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Sandro Borrea
Sales Director - BERE BENE
“Beer&Food Attraction is growing fast, just like the beer industry in Italy.  We met several contacts during the event."
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Marina Candellari
Marketing Director - GRECI
"It’s our first time exhibiting at Beer&Food Attraction. taking part in this event brought us new contacts from all over Italy and abroad. We also reached a number of international top buyers."
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Alessandro Golinucci
Marketing Division - OROGEL
"We noticed a huge turnout at Beer&Food Attraction and made some very important contacts with international buyers. It’s a unique opportunity to show who we are and get in touch with our audience."
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Tiziano Casillo
Head of Pizzeria Division - ITALMILL
"We always come to Beer&Food Attraction. We knew it was the perfect event for us the very first time we took part, because it allows us to combine beer with our main product. We’re more than satisfied with the merits of being here. Even though we already have a good presence on the market, it’s enabled us to target areas where we didn’t yet have good product coverage.”
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Romolo Verga
Sales and Marketing Director - DEMETRA
"We had a good response at Beer&Food Attraction. It's an important event for the market. We’ve made contacts that we will move forward with.”
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Cesare Servasi
Head of Direct Customers - BALDI CARNI
"For us, Beer&Food Attraction is a wonderful opportunity because it exposes us to the ideal clientele for our products.”
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Maurizio Dallara
"We have a strong focus on Beer&Food Attraction because it’s a chance to identify new potential sales contacts. And we’ve already started to see the results of that. We hope Beer&Food Attraction helps us to gauge the new client demands.”
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Salvatore Varriale
Sales Director - RISPO
“Beer&Food Attraction is an event with good prospects and is looking to grow.” 
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Maria Antonella Desiderio
Director Business Ho.Re.Ca.& Business - COCA COLA HBC ITALIA
"Beer&Food Attraction represents a debut for Coca Cola HBC. We dedicated our stand to the art of mixology and there we will be introducing our Spirit products and premium tonics along with the 20cl Coca Cola and Coca Cola zero glass bottle."
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Fabiana Marchini
Categories and Channels Sales Development - SAN PELLEGRINO
“We are here to introduce our ‘juggling clubs’, the carbonated soft drinks that we are relaunching here many years later, also in the new organic range. We are also presenting other highly innovative products such as the Levissima water with added mineral salts and the new Pago organic range."
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Paolo Rizzo
Sales Director, Italy - PEPSICO
"Beer&Food Attraction allows us to get a good idea of what’s happening in the going-out market."  
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Mattia Marzadro
Sales Director, Northern Italy - DISTILLERIA MARZADRO
"Beer&Food Attraction was a really important event that helped us a great deal. We had lots of visits both from wholesale clients and from potential future clients in Italy and around the world.”
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