Mixology Circus

Ruggine is a shelter, hidden in an alley in the heart of Bologna.
It is close to one of the most prominent squares of the city, where once a calash warehouse then a bicycle workshop stood. Now it’s where we deliver our good vibes and signature cocktails!


Ruggine is not only a bar made by people in love with their work: in 2017, Ruggine begins a new adventure opening Ragū: a shop with traditional takeaway kitchen and then expanded with Erre Lab; a fresh past lab. that allows a greater production capacity for both the kitchen and the bar.
Ragū & Draft, is the last project of “Ruggine’s gang”. This kiosk provide an unique selection of artigianal homemade draft cocktails and a cool street food and traditional pasta.


Neapolitan heart and origins, but Emilian for adoption since several years. 
He has several experiences, the last from Bamboo where he also won best bar team in 2021, just before joining the family of Ruggine as head of Ragù & Draft. He loves Rum, Maradona, Hip Hop and the Brooklyn Nets. He wishes he had been a pirate.


Davo, also called "il patato" is one of the partners and head of Ruggine.

Born in Torino, but then adopted by the city of Bologna since university, he is the one with a refined palate and the one who trains new recruits in the bar.

He boasts a record for gulping down 39 little bottles of Campari in 3 minutes, and he dreams about living in Mexico.

He is a great fan of clean, simple and elegant style behind the bar counter.

He loves baby monk seals and wearing a lot of perfume.


Don is one of the 4 founders of Ruggine. 

Born in Bologna, with Abruzzo origins and Scottish eyes, Stefano is the regional champion and national vice-champion for 6 consecutive years in gulping down beer.

He is in love with motors, especially motorcycles, a passion that is gradually waning since he found out that gasoline pollutes the environment.

With a team of researchers, he is patenting a vodka-based fuel in order to be eco-friendly.

• 40ml Bitter Fusetti
• 15ml espresso coffee
• 25ml Pimped banana honey water
• Top Schweppes Tonic 
• 40ml Ron Barceló Organic
• 10ml Amaro Ballor 100 Herbs
• 10ml Peppermint hm
• 30ml Prohibito tiki batter
• Foamer
• Lind & Lime Gin
• Artisanal Pineapple Soda
• Lime
• Chinino
• Draft