Mixology Circus

The bar's fundamentals are a blend of street style with a fine drinking experience.
They mix their street with their fine culture, the same way they are mixing the typical ingredients for a Paloma with their little extra love and character, as a result of their zero waste philosophy.
This project was created during a time in their lives when they felt the need to express themselves through their love for executing at the highest level of service when it comes to bartending.

Due to the fact that all of them have different moods depending on the day or period, they thought that it would be a cool idea to create two different project personalities, as two different bars, that will cover two different needs. The inside bar is what they call a classic form of a bar, a hidden bar behind their bar. A gem with a heavyweight name “The rumble in the jungle.” The name is inspired by the legendary fight, between the one and only Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. A match with a serious social impact that has been characterized as one of the most important sports events in history. It’s worth mentioning that the glasses, the ice, and the spirits are all kept at -23 degrees which means your drink will remain enjoyable throughout the time you are drinking it. It has an attention-getting interior, with a big bar and a few tables, where you can enjoy a night with a cocktail or a drink.

The outside bar has a street-style, more loose character. Gatherings in the outside bar feel like parties with friends and family, accompanied by mouth-altering cocktails!
In that bar, they have a different menu every night that includes 6 signature cocktails and 2 classics, all created using seasonal ingredients from their lab. That helps the people know and understand the drinking culture, and also keeps it fresh in their minds. They are the only bar in Greece that has a different cocktail list every day, enhancing the seasonality.

Their foundations are classic cocktails with a lot of thought and effort that people might not see or read on the menu, but will surely taste. They are inspired by the most legendary cocktails with many doses of dexterity, imagination, cultivated by experience, cooking all the ingredients by transporting them into new creations. In their drinks, everything is made from scratch, with respect for the environment. The same respect they have for the environment, they have it for their people, too.

Their city, Athens, is a multi-cultural capital with people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and sexual preferences. They have created a strong diverse community that they are really proud of, enjoying the nights in their bars. What they wanted is to create a community, with people from many industries and backgrounds. That doesn't necessarily mean they want a big community, but a community that will help them to keep on sharing their energies through this project. Being with people and seeing different
perspectives and fields refuels them and gives them the energy and willingness to move forward.
"Every day is an opportunity to be our better selves." Just like their menu constantly changes, they constantly change as well, hopefully for the best. For more and more people, ‘Streets are the new family'. Families might not always be great, but they will be there for you no matter what!



Working in the bars and restaurants for more than 14 years in Athens and London, he loves this job as it gives him the opportunity to travel around the globe meeting new cultures and that’s the most important thing for being innovative in this industry.
He is the co-owner of The Bar In Front Of The Bar & the Bart Athens consulting company.



His name is Markozanis Panagiotis and he's 32 years old.
His journey in the industry started 15 years ago.
His favorite part of it is the opportunity to travel and meet new people from all around the world and the combination of creation and communication in a very demanding environment! 
For two and a half years now he belongs to the family of The bar in front of the bar, at the beginning as a bartender and now as a General Manager.

• 45ml Ballor Gin
• 35ml Bergamot & Chamomile
• Top Up Soda Schweppes
• 40ml Diciotto Lune Grappa Marzadro
• 40ml Rocket & Basil Cordial
• Top Up Ginger Beer Schweppes
• 45ml Bitter Fusetti
• 40ml Kimchi, Papaya & Green Pepper
• Top Up Soda Schweppes