Mixology Circus

Among the Porta Nuova skyscrapers, in Milan's Alvar Aalto Square, stands Tripstillery, the first cocktail bar with distillery where you can make your own personalized spirits. Tripstillery turns the concept of cocktail bar into a new chapter in "Milano da bere". One of a kind, Tripstillery is an innovative, multifaceted and experimental club that brings an avant-garde concept to the city. The venue offers its customers a unique and unrepeatable atmosphere thanks to the still, the real star of the scene, available for those who want to try out the idea of creating a distillate, a bitter, an exclusive liqueur with a completely personalized recipe and label.

Tripstillery is not just a cocktail bar, it is also a kitchen: in fact, the place is open all day long, from morning for excellent breakfasts, aperitifs, lunches and until night, for dinners, with a richly flavored gastronomic proposal, prepared with top quality ingredients.
220 square metres of elegance and casualness, a place with Scandinavian and contemporary features with attention to each detail: the large window of the lab devoted to distillation, two huge backlit counters, chairs with ironic sentences, a large coffee-based painting and a wall of photos portraying an empty Milan, captured from sunrise to sunset.
Tripstillery is the result of a decade experience in the world of mixology, gained in part through the collaboration of highly qualified experts with guests. A conscious innovation that keeps alive the centuries-old traditions of distillation.


Antonino Caltabiano, born in Catania in 1996, began to be part of the hospitality world in 2018.

Always looking for the positive side of everything, he decides to start a self-taught training through masterclass and frontal study during the months of lockdown.

After a few months of inactivity everything finally started again and after the professional study comes the chance to get back into the human side. In this period he acquires, in addition to the human side, the care of its spaces and its guests, the attention to detail and everything related to hospitality and service.

Following further training, research and study, he started looking for new stimuli moving to Milan where he met the farmilygroup and began working in Tripstillery.

• 40ml Lind & Lime Gin
• 10ml T’Amo
• 30ml Black tea Cordial
• 10ml Il Corretto by Tripstillery
• 20ml Ron Barceló
• 7,5ml Trip Gin Naples edition
• 30ml Bitter Fusetti
• 20ml Martini Rubino
• 30ml Ballor Gin
• 15ml Sanhugo by Tripstillery
• 10ml Tonka bean
and Carob Cordial
• Tonica Schweppes