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Here at the exhibition, what fascinated me the most is something really small, a small detail, but that represents what is going on in Italy, because craft beer is a global trend but not all places, not every country is taking an individual approach to what beer can be. I find fascinating the use of Italian products and techniques in the amazing beers I could sample here. So, that simple fact of incorporating Italy and showing individuality is really interesting.”


Eduardo Lucas – Be Hoppy, Lda (Portugal)

“Attending Beer&Food Attraction it’s very important because, when we work with breweries, we need to know the people and their philosophy, their backgrounds, their story, and what they want to achieve, so face-to-face it’s essential. So, here you have the chance to do that, and once you get a feel of who they are, that is half the battle.”


Michael Brock – Beer52 (UK)

The importance of attending Beer&Food Attraction is that I get a good understanding of beers in Italy, the industry here, I get to meet a lot of good breweries, but I also get to meet a lot of colleagues from across Europe.

Jacob Linden - One Pint Brands (Netherlands)