"This is the first time I am attending B&FA. This event is an incredible way to find out what's happening in the Italian and European markets."

Systembolaget Ab
Katarina Westman - Beer Purchaser, Svezia

"This well-organised event successfully brings together major established companies with smaller emerging businesses."

Cervezas Cuenc
Javier Donate - Owner and Brewer, Spagna

"I attend B&F to find out what's new in the world of artisan beers but also for the food offering. The event is an opportunity for me to meet different professionals face to face and the right way to build lasting business relationships."

Neupor Lda
Francisco Figueira De Chaves - Managing Partner, Portogallo

"I'm here at B&FA to meet new breweries, network and develop new business opportunities. I was able to meet a lot of excellent, high-quality breweries in a short time."


Constant Companion Ab
Lennart Johansson - Owner, Svezia