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Beer&Food Attraction 2020 will host the most important Italian cooking competition where tradition and innovation come together to create exceptional results. More than 500 cooks will battle it out for 4 days in the FIC (Italian Cooks Federation) area inside Hall A1, striving to win titles in the various categories of hot food, cold food, artistic food and pastry-making for catering.

But that’s not all. The 2020 edition is set to make Eating Out its focus. How? The FIC cooks will battle it out in teams, with food trucks and street laboratories, as they take part in a Street Food contest, giving gastronomic delights a street twist and offering the visitor a real culinary experience. This has led to the first edition of the "Street Food Contest" where each team will present a street food dish with elements inspired by typical local cuisine.. The initiative will run from Saturday to Tuesday in Hall A1.