We base our experience on visual and taste experience, since we opened three years ago we already achieved number 16 in 50 best bars, the Campari "one to watch" award, number 10 at top 500 bars, best Italian cocktail bar for Bargiornale, and many more, this gave us the strength to push our boundaries further.

Our team is very unite, all our staff works on all the stages of the creative process of the menu and constantly discussing how to do a better hospitality. 

We want our guest to lower their guard and abandon themselves at what they feel in their tummy, we want them to follow their instincts, right now we have our new menù called "new humans", with this menu you can visually be inspired, it’s called like this for these challenging times, we are all new humans, let’s hope for the better. 

We focus a lot on the experience of our guests, as a heavy duty bar we want to expand this to a larger crowd.

Follow your instinct!
Be Kong!


I was born in 1978, so it means I’m 44 now! 

I’ve been bartending for 25 years, It started as a game, liked the night, parties, people. But after a while it all got serious and started thinking it as a career. In the end I’ve done some competitions, won a few, travelled all around the world, consulted and opened for others a lot of bars, opened the first Gin bar of Italy called ‘’the Gin Corner’’. 

Been brand ambassador and drink consultant for some major brands. 

I’m still drink consultant for a few famous brands, I’m co-owner and co-founder of NIO ready to drink Cocktails. 

Now I’m owner and co-founder of Drink Kong, my bar, ranked n.16 in the 50 best bars and n.10 in the top 500 bars in just three years. 

And yes I’m a singer in a band!


I was born in 1979 and started bartending in 2004. I “stumbled” on this job while following my musical career as a bassist and guitarist, and after graduating in journalism, film, sociology and mass media. Since then I have been lucky enough to work in many excellent bars, such as Micca Club and Caffè Propaganda, and with great barmen. 

In 2016, I was the Italian representative at the Bacardi Legacy World Final in San Francisco.

Since 2018 I am the barmanager for Drink Kong, a bar that  has achieved numerous awards, including 16th place in the 50 Best Bars list of the best bars in the world, and number 10 in top 500 bars. 

The White Duke

  • 50ml No.3 London Dry Gin by Pallini
  • 15ml Sage and lemon liqueur
  • 10ml Simple syrup
  • 30ml Citric acid solution


Stir technique



  • 45ml Martini Riserva Bitter
  • 45ml Martini Riserva Rubino
  • 10ml Creme de Cassis
  • 3 Dashes of absinthe
  • 5ml Citric acid solution 


Build technique

Low tumbler

Is Dis It

  • 15ml Disaronno Originale
  • 20ml Apple liqueur
  • 20ml Triple sec
  • 10ml Citric acid solution
  • Citrus tonic


Build technique