Freni e Frizioni is a “street cocktail bar” located in Trastevere, one of the trendiest area of Rome. It was born on 2005 in a former mechanic shop with the intention to bring to Rome the ritual of aperitivo, traditionally consumed in the regions of the north of Italy. The aperitivo is still available today everyday from 6.30pm to 9.30pm. 


During its 18 years of activity, thanks to continuous researches and studies of new products and new techniques, it developed a proposal richer and richer in terms of drinks but also “ready to drink” cocktails, bitters, liqueurs and draft cocktails. 


Freni e Frizioni is a “high volume” bar where quantities goes hand by hand with qualities. You can either sit on their cozy terrace or you can have a take away drink in the pretty square in front of the bar. It has a drinklist of 12 cocktails changing every 6 months but you can order also classics, beer, wine or you can choose a spirit among the over 600 labels on the bottle shelves.  


Recently the hard work of Riccardo Rossi and the team brought Freni e Frizioni to an higher and higher level so as to be included in the best world bar rankings such as 50best Bars, Tales of the Cocktails and Top500bars.
In 2016, together with the guys from Jerry Thomas Projectthey opened “La Punta Expendio de Agave”, a Mexican restaurant/bar with the real Mexican dishes and the best collection of agave spirits in Italy and maybe in Europe. 

In January 2022 they opened a new bar in Rome, Freni e Frizioni Draft focused on quality pizza and cocktail on tap in Prati area, about 5 minutes walking from the Vatican.


Currently he is in charge of Freni e Frizioni Draft bar and he is also a partner in the Freni e Frizioni Bar Selection project, where he is in charge of research and development. He has a career of almost eleven year in this sector.


Alessandro Mannoni, also known as Sandro, is born in Rome in 1994.

After studying at a hotel management school, he starts to work in different local bars as a barman and also as a waiter.

The first step toward mixing is at C1B0 Project, a multifunctional bar that is very popular in Montesacro neighbourhood.

In 2017 he becomes a member of the Freni e Frizioni family, where he still remains today. Here, thanks to Riccardo Rossi and Cristian Bugiada's lessons, he improves attention to detail, processing of ingredients and he understands how important taking care of every single customer is.

Now Sandro is one of the bar managers: he is responsible for the stock (stock taking, orders, suppliers, deliveries, etc.) but epecially for external events that the bar organizes throughout the year.

Cardinal Sin

  • The Buskers Irish Whiskey
  • Amaretto biscuit and apricot spirit
  • Florio Dry Marsala
  • Red Bitter
  • White cocoa liqueur
  • Saffron

Planet of the Grapes

  • Extra-fine Grappa by Nardini
  • Bergamot liqueur
  • Fine Sherry
  • Grape cordial


Moscow Mule Draft
by Freni e Frizioni Bar selection

  • Vodka
  • Bar Selection Ginger Beer
  • Citrus


Spritz Draft
by Freni e Frizioni Bar selection

  • Aperitivo liqueur
  • White wine
  • Soda