High quality drink: three words that express the essence of this bar, where a cocktail becomes an expression of art. Alcoholic bases of the highest quality, homemade preparations and extra-fresh ingredients make all the difference in a glass.
A suggestion: ask for a Ginluz, the house speciality. 

Location: located on the shores of the Garda Lake in Trentino, a few steps away from the town centre of Riva del Garda
Year of opening: 2009
Owner: Leonardo Veronesi
Opening hours: every day, from 5.33 pm to 2.06 am.

Rivabar was born in the historical train station of Riva del Garda (an old track and the characteristic writing on the external walls are still visible). The interior of the bar is warm and cosy, in a retro style revised in a modern way.

From train station to house of cocktails is a snap... and, after all, these two places are not so different. They both have the dimension of waiting, while you're looking for friends who are about to come. They both have the desire of discovering something new, whether it's a spirit with an exotic aroma or a new love that arises glass after glass.


  • Constant search for quality
  • Wide range of spirits and liqueurs
  • Tradition and experimentation
  • Love for the territory, which leads the staff to choose local products
  • Welcome and care of guests
  • Exclusive and refined location


Currently he is the bartender leading Pasi bar, a point of reference in town centre of Trento.

He worked for 13 years in his family business, then in 2018 he improved his formation with the BARMASTER at the Campari Accademy in Milan.

In 2019 he started a project with the historic Distilleria Trentina Bertagnolli to promote the use of local products in mixing.

In 2020 he ended another training course in the coffe world, becoming "Italian coffee trainer" at the Accademia Italiana Maestri del Caffè.

With the aim of improving, he has been collaborating for 5 years with Rivabar in several occasions, led by Leonardo Veronesi.

Luz in the sky with tonic

  • Luz Gin Marzadro
  • Tonic Water



American Circus

  • Etna bitter
  • Rosso Trentino Vermut
  • Mountain Herbal bitter
  • Soda Water


Old fashioned 

Zero zero sete

  • Tanqueray 0.0% by Diageo
  • Undergrowth fruits syrup
  • Garda's citrus juice
  • Tonic Water