A building with an ancient and unique history, closely linked to the political grandeur of the Florence of the Medici, which became an icon for its stunning interior design.

"Locale" not only is the ultimate bar of Florence and Tuscany, but it is also the beautiful and well-deserved stage that every night hosts the successful performance of Bar Manager Matteo Di Ienno and his "experimental" cocktails.

It is thanks to him and to General Manager Faramarz Poosty, of course with the help of a young as well as organized and willing staff, that the cocktail bar located in Via delle Seggiole has managed to create an identity so strong as to allow Florence to enter - for the first, and so far only, time - the international bar scene. Last year, the bar ranked in the 50 Best, although in the last positions; this year it has even climbed up to the thirthy-ninth position.

Matteo's whimsical mixing offer relies on a bottle rack as scenic as it is full of labels and it is divided, following the natural course of the seasons, into three triptychs of drinks based on a specific product. For example, the climax of strawberry that takes us from a "Fra Liscia" served in a cup with bourbon, lacto-fermented strawberry, lemon and egg white, to a "Fra Bassa" served in a low tumbler with gin and sour strawberry cordial, up to a "Fra Bolla", rigorously served in a flûte, with vodka, strawberry clear and yellow Chartreuse.

The average price of drinks is about 20 euros.


I was born in 1991, in a little coastal town in Sardinia where I started my career in the hospitality sector during the summer seasons. Once I realized that was the path I wanted to follow, I moved to London, the city where I discovered the world of bars, falling in love with it. During the six and a half years spent in the English capital, I had the opportunity to work alongisde great barmen and explore all the aspects of this job, working in all types of bars, from restaurants, clubs to cocktail bars of luxury hotels.

After finishing my path of "maturation" abroad, I returned to Italy, finding in Locale the perfect place to make the most of my experience and my knowledge. After an intense year and a half, and a turbulent beginning with the post-covid reopening, I can say that I found my dimension in the wonderful city of Florence as bar manager of one of the most important bars on the world scene.


  • 50ml Pumpkin Rabarbaro
  • 5ml Fake lime
  • Habanero dye
  • Top MoleCola cola


Highball and lemon peel


  • 50ml Vodka Nemiroff
  • 30ml Snapshot cordial




  • 40ml Pumpkin Rabarbaro
  • 40ml Bitter
  • Snapshot top